Navigating the rough waters of the automotive industry? You need more than just a marketing partner – you need the right one. Despite the challenges, sales are still happening, and customers are still buying. Choose a partner that understands the pulse of the market and propels your success forward.

In the dynamic realm of the automotive industry, Managed Direct Response stands out as the go-to partner with two decades of valuable experience. Having collaborated with numerous dealers nationwide, we’ve proven our prowess in both prosperous and challenging times. Our enduring relationships with automotive clients attest to the fact that we’re not just a partner – we’re the right investment for capturing customers and driving dealership success.

Automotive direct mail will continue to have a strong role in the digital age because it is highly targeted and trackable. A well-crafted and designed direct mail program is still incredibly effective especially when sent to a targeting list of the right prospects. The right buyers.

Managed Direct Response can create a customized and personalized direct marketing campaigns that are designed to drive customers to your showroom floor. We provide an incredibly cost-effective way to drive traffic directly to your dealership increasing your sales.

Managed Direct Response has a history of delivering some of the strongest results in the retail automotive industry.

Make new customers drive
off your dealership’s lot

We have a strong relationship across a wide spectrum of brands including Toyota, Audi, BMW, Lexus, and Mercedes Benz. We have the direct marketing expertise to make sure that your customers drive off your dealership’s lot with a new car.

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