Why choose
Managed Direct Response?

Managed Direct Response is Your One Stop Direct Marketing Solution.

Other direct mail providers often only offer parts of a direct mail program.

One call and no more worries.

We provide the lowest postage guaranteed.

We are experts in researching and managing the optimum mailing lists for your campaign.

Managed Direct Response provides you with a Direct Mail Tracking Platform so you can see the day your mail arrives at the post office that serves your drop’s delivery area.

We offer a fully integrated direct mail process from design, to printing, to list selection, to mailing, to sorting, to addressing, to delivery validation.

Many printers aren’t familiar with postal regulations so they might not realize that the weight and coating of a paper can significantly increase your postage costs.

We are experts on the every changing postal regulations.

Our 20 plus years of experience lets you focus on your business, while we work on driving sales for your business.

Managed Direct Response, Tested, Proven and Reliable.

We provide a proven and reliable direct mail solution. We guide you through each step of the way. We make it easy for you, as we are an end-to-end marketing solution.

At Managed Direct Response, we take care of the details. We are your One Stop Direct Marketing Solution..

We have the best design and creative in the industry which increases your response rate.

I wanted to share my experience with Managed Direct Response for Mortgage Marketing. Irecently used their services to help me market my mortgage business and I am extremely satisfied with the results. From the initial consultation to the final execution, their team was professional, knowledgeable, and responsive to my needs. They took the time to understand my business, my target audience, and my goals for the campaign. They provided me with a customized marketing plan that was tailored to my specific needs. Their direct-response marketing strategy is incredibly effective. They helped me to generate high-quality leads for my business through targeted email campaigns, direct mail, and other channels. The leads that I received were of very high quality, and I was able to convert many of
them into clients.

J. S.

What I appreciated most about Managed Direct Response was their commitment to transparency and accountability. They provided me with regular reports that showed me how my campaign was performing, and they were always available to answer any questions I had. I felt confident that my marketing dollars were being well spent. Overall, I would highly recommend Managed Direct Response for Mortgage Marketing to any mortgage professional who is looking to grow their business. They are a reliable partner that delivers results, and I look forward to continuing to work with them in the future“.

Sincerely, Michael Strinofsky

“Thank you for your support and helping us turn our forward business into a well oiled machine. Your Direct Mail has taken us up the ladder faster than any other marketing we have done in the past and present. Below is our pipeline for direct mail marketing that came from Managed Direct Response. Direct mail pipeline is about 300% bigger than our lending tree lead pipeline. Below you will see that we currently have 29 loans from direct mail which is equivalent to $8.1 mil in production. These numbers are only gonna get better.”

E. S.


The foundation of our campaigns is based on our data accuracy. The money is in the list. Through multiple data partners we have enhanced our data with financial and credit models. It is our goal to combine, value-add, and build direct marketing campaigns, that are unique and personal to each and every client. Our focus lies on customer retention, response and regressive modeling.

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