Get ready for a solar revolution! Projections indicate that solar will reign as the fastest-growing energy sector all the way to 2050. The U.S. has already soared past 2 million solar installations in 2019, setting the stage for industry domination throughout the roaring 2020s. The solar wave is here – catch it while it's hot!

Embracing solar energy is paramount in our commitment to sustainable living and environmental responsibility. As we transition towards cleaner energy sources, solar power emerges as a pivotal solution, contributing to reduced carbon footprints and mitigating the impacts of climate change. Direct mail marketing plays a crucial role in this transition by serving as a powerful tool to educate and inform communities about the benefits of solar adoption. Through targeted direct mail campaigns, we can reach homeowners, businesses, and communities, providing valuable information about the advantages of solar energy, government incentives, and the positive impact on both the environment and long-term energy costs. By combining the power of solar innovation with the reach of direct mail marketing, we can inspire widespread awareness and action, fostering a sustainable future for generations to come.

Analysts expect the U.S. to crack the 3 million installation mark in 2021 and projects over 4 mission installations in 2023 according to the Solar Energy Industries Association.

California led the nation with the most solar capacity. California’s recently enacted Solar mandate for new construction will fuel the popularity and continued growth of home Solar panel installations.

Managed Direct Response...

has a long history of helping Solar companies generate leads and build their business. Direct Mail is the perfect medium for Solar. It allows you to precisely target potential customers who are more likely to be interested and ready to respond.

Fact based programs

Managed Direct Response has the precise demographic data that allows you to target the right customers with the right incentive to generate leads.

Managed Direct Response offers high quality Solar Direct-Mailing lists at affordable prices making us the best value in the industry and the right choice for you.

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